SGH Trust has been set up to provide at risk children and children living in disadvantaged areas with healthy holiday experiences via our Small Group Holiday Programme, working with children and schools in Bristol and Birmingham.

The Children who take part in our group holidays may have behavioural problems or have been neglected, mentally, emotionally, or physically abused. Some have never been on a holiday before in their life. We help children who may have never known a secure loving family environment and nearly all of the children we see are from single parent, unemployed or very low income families. 
These children are not the least able; they have been disabled by their circumstances and rarely achieve their potential in academic or general terms. We aim to provide groups of children aged between 6 and 13 years old with the consistent 24 hour care of experienced adults for periods of up to 6 days via a range of offerings – Small, Mid-Range and Large group holidays, giving them the experience of a family style child centred holiday, whilst with us the children will:

  • Be given emotional support and respite from home situations.

  • Have open informal access to advice and help on matters of decision making, conflict resolution, tolerance, keeping safe, behaviour modification, self-esteem and consequences.

  • Be safe.

  • Learn to live together.

  • Learn basic life skills i.e. how to wash your hair, making a bed, fastening shoe laces, keeping yourself clean and healthy, good manners, respect, how to hold a conversation and resolve issues.

  • Possibly experience a different sort of life – sitting at the table to eat, spending time with other people, learning to trust and be trusted.

  • Take part in sporting activities, long country walks, swimming, reading, playing.

  • Learn how to relax and be a child.

  • Eat a regular healthy diet, three meals a day consisting of, where possible, and organic and free range products.

  • Learn what a healthy diet is and how to make choices. Other Beneficiaries include Schools, families and the wider community – children return from their holiday with a special experience to talk about, a growing self-esteem, greater social skills and tolerance for others, a better understanding of what is right, behaviour modification skills and techniques and much, much more, all enabling and empowering them to make decisions about their own lives.

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