Summer 2013- the first event

In summer 2013 we successfully held our first event for six children in Cornwall. We spent time playing games both in the house and in the garden, created 'waterworld' on the beach, played in the sea jumping waves, ate wonderfully, chatted and chilled, and generally had an old fashioned child centered family style seaside holiday.

The children learnt a lot regarding manners and living with others, respecting each other and property, taking turns, sharing, and life skills like caring for yourself, self-control, tolerance, personal space, making and handling relationships.

Perhaps most importantly on individual experience levels they learnt that there is another way to live and there are adults who you can trust to care for you, mean what they say and say what they mean, ate good food, had a good weeks sleep, learnt how to make choices, and tried loads of new food and learnt how to take care of yourself and keep clean.

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