2018- What a wash out

Well, the whole year came and went, and we had injury and illness one after another with the paid staff, and it became clear that we needed to put a succession plan in place, as the our ability to run respites was limited. This was discussed at our November Board, and is being actioned.

On the flip side, we did manage to do a large amount of fundraising ready for 2019...!

Eventually we managed to run a summer event which saw one staff member in a plaster cast, two new volunteers and six children from two schools in Bristol enjoying cottages in the Forest of Dean.

Backgrounds included children living in desperate overcrowded homes, single parents homes and mental health issues in both families and kids attending. There was a lot of playing outdoors given the beautiful summer weather, group and individual games, woodland walks, arts and crafts, and a summer Frog olympics devised by one of the kids and built by his team of helpers; a great time was had by participants and spectators

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