2019- the story so far and trying to catch up with 2018...

This year so far we have run 2 residential events – Small Group Holidays each for 6 children, utilising 2 cottages in the Forest of Dean, and brought on board a new full member of staff and another part-time, spending some time training pre events to bring both up to speed in our protocols and processes. We are in full catch up mode after last year’s staff health issues with a further 3 small groups and a large group Christmas in the planning stages. (2 summer events are booked in the cottages already) and would like to thank all those who have donated for your patience and trust.

Easter was a steep learning curve for 5 ‘new to us’ children who benefited immensely from the safe and supportive environment created, being helped to develop self-control, communication and relationship skills.

Spring Bank camp saw 5 more ‘new to us’ children again gaining massively from the experience, with dryer weather we were able to get out and about more.

Activities on both camps included – lots of learning to play, teach and learn alone/in pairs/larger groups with indoor games, friendship bands and Kumihimo. Relationship building, tolerance and negotiation throughout the event, walking and sports activities on the local fields and woodland, including the ever popular use of dog agility kit to play with as a safe obstacle course, both wet and dry walks, team building, self-esteem and quiet times. As ever - sleeping a full undisturbed night was immensely beneficial for these children.

The children’s backgrounds this time included alcohol and drug abuse in the homes, parents in prison, lack of finance to provide a holiday experience, domestic violence and suicide attempts (both children and adults they live with). They totally relaxed whilst with us and built their own self-esteem and confidence to help keep them safe, gain access to all that school/life has to offer and learning to make good decisions in life.

A heartfelt thank you to all past and present individuals, companies and grant making bodies that donate

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